Are You Bending Over Backwards Aligning Your Social Media Strategy?

There are a plethora of social media sites and every time you turn around more are popping up, just ask your teenager about SnapChat and Instagram.

Businesses trying to align their marketing communications strategy with every social media site may find themselves bending over backwards trying to keep up with every nuance and change. However, most businesses do not have the time to effectively engage in every form of social media.

Businesses should not spend their resources trying to bend their marketing communications strategy to fit every social media platform.

Although businesses tend to lump social media into one marketing communication channel, they really need to segment each social media platform according to their user’s demographic and behavioral attributes. Then it becomes much easier to identify which social media platforms are right for them. For example:

  • If they sell luxury home goods, social media platforms like Pinterest, which caters to women who enjoy fashion and home décor, may be a good site to focus on.
  • If they sell a complex software solution, Google+ and LinkedIn, where users are business professionals focused on networking and sharing thought leadership and business information, will likely be a good focus.

After identifying the right customer segments, it is much easier to find the right social media channels for your specific business. Then 80% of your social media marketing resources should be spent on the sites where your target audience is spending most of their time.

When you focus your marketing efforts on social media your prospects and customers are reading, social media will be an effective marketing channel.

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